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Take Heart – the official blog for Rob’s Hope

logo adapted from an original work by Rob Viti entitled “Love, Baltimore”

The launch of the Rob’s Hope website marks the culmination of five years of healing, research, work, and study that began when my son Rob died suddenly in early 2011. When your child dies much too soon, before he’s had a chance to leave his own lasting mark on the world, you feel a very real drive to do that for him. You need to ensure that although he’s gone there will be something real and solid left behind so that others will know he was here, and to see to it that his legacy continues. You desperately want something good to come of something unthinkable. 

And so the journey that was to become Rob’s Hope began. Perhaps the greatest of Rob’s many gifts may have been his ability to help others. For that reason, throughout the evolution of Rob’s Hope, the goal has always been to help others, and to do it in a way that honors both Rob’s gifts and his struggles. It has been a labor of love and, of course, Hope.

Many people have contributed to this effort, and we’re proud of what we’ve put together here. We’re brimming with ideas that will enable you to become involved, and we can’t wait to share them with you. We hope that our vision will strike a chord with you, too. So follow along as we talk about all the ways that you can do that.

Rob started it; we’re just picking up the baton.

With Love and Hope,

Krista Carter-Smith, Rob’s Mom