Coincidence, or Consciousness?

Time and again I’m struck by the way things happen, the order they happen in, and whether I could have connected the dots sooner. Last night I learned that a friend lost her battle with depression shortly before Thanksgiving. We had talked briefly about her becoming involved with Rob’s Hope, but I hadn’t gotten there yet. Today, in reviewing the activities of RH over the past month, the November 20th Facebook post caught my attention – a quote by Elizabeth Gilbert from her book “Big Magic: Creative Living Beyond Fear” (You will likely remember Elizabeth Gilbert from her book and subsequent movie, “Eat, Pray, Love.”) and it prompted me to take a closer look at “Big Magic.” In the opening pages she relates the story of poet and professor Jack Gilbert (no relation), who told his students “that they must live their most creative lives as a means of fighting back against the ruthless furnace of this world.” And, of course, I thought about my friend. If I’d found a way to involve her now, would it have made a difference? Is it just a coincidence that I’m rediscovering this reference now, or is it a reminder from the universe to be more conscious, more intentional, more in the moment? I’ve downloaded “Big Magic” from my local library; it’s engaging from the first sentence. I’ll be featuring it for Freebie Friday this week, and no doubt talking about it on Facebook in the days to come.

And speaking of Freebie Fridays, this month we’ve shared (with appropriate credit to the original sources) a free coloring page, 20 easy to learn Zentangle patterns, printouts to help you create your own set of self-care reminder cards, and a video tutorial on how to sketch trees. If you missed them, check them out!

Among our regular posts was an article about an 86 year old man who taught himself to knit so that he could make caps for preemies (November 22nd), and the “Three Laws of Art” from Coldstone Press: (1) Create: The worst it can do is suck. (2) Create again: Bad art happens to good artists. and (3) Just create: Art is cheaper than therapy.

Just in case we haven’t thrown it in front of your face enough already, you can help Rob’s Hope by using this link when you order merchandise from Amazon:, or by picking up one of these items as you do your holiday shopping and sending it to Rob’s Hope, Inc., PO Box 539, Arnold, Maryland 21012:

  • Sharpies, fine point, set of 24 assorted colors
  • Sharpies, ultra fine point, set of 24 assorted colors
  • colored pencils, set of 24 colors
  • crayons, set of 64 colors
  • double sided origami paper, 7″x7″
  • wooden rulers
  • roll of 1/2″ artist tape

We will also gladly accept *any* gently used art/craft materials sent to the same address above.

Stay with us as you navigate the holiday season, and Take Heart! Don’t hesitate to make suggestions or ask questions; you can reach us on the Rob’s Hope Facebook page, or by email at

With Love, Hope, and Holiday Wishes,

Krista Carter-Smith (Rob’s Mom)