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It may not seem like it, but Rob’s Hope has been busy over the past few months.

We were able to raise $1,000 through a Go Fund Me campaign last spring – many thanks again for your generous donations! In the next couple of weeks we’ll be kicking off a new campaign for art supply donations, and working on a more user friendly way to enable financial donations via our website.

We survived our first website hacking (that disabled the site for several weeks) and we continue to revise and update the Rob’s Hope pages as new developments happen. For instance, this week we added a link on the “Meet Rob” page that will take you to Rob’s deviantart account where you can view some of his work and read a little bit about him in his own words.

Through the new Rob’s Hope Facebook page ( we are gradually building a virtual Rob’s Hope Community, and that’s very exciting! Over the past months we’ve shared several articles on how creative activity in general benefits both mental and physical health, along with specific articles on the benefits of writing, music, dancing (check out the Ballerina Spider Dance on 8/3!), two dimensional design, mixed media, drumming, and even knitting. You might like to check out the article that asks the question “What if doctors prescribed art instead of drugs” (7/14), or the one that suggests that Leonardo daVinci was actually a misfit in his own time and how that may have fostered his creativity (9/2). On July 9th we showed you how to create your own art gallery on Pinterest, and we’ve posted several free tutorials for simple creative activities you can do at home.

This month we’ll make free lessons a regular feature by kicking off “Freebie Fridays” on the Facebook page – free art activity printouts or tutorials/instructions, etc. for you to try over the weekend. We’ll also tell you how you can help Rob’s Hope by picking up simple art/craft materials as you go about your holiday shopping, and how to send them along to us. This month too, I begin an online course in art therapy and hope to share information and insights along the way.

By Spring 2017 you’ll be able to visit us in person and try out creative activities at our booth at the First Sunday Arts Festivals in Annapolis. We’ll keep you posted.

Last but not least, Take Heart will become a monthly update on what’s happened during the past month and what’s on deck for the next. So stay with us, and don’t hesitate to make suggestions! You can reach us on the Rob’s Hope Facebook page, or by email at

With Love and Hope,

Krista Carter-Smith (Rob’s Mom)

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