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Meet Rob:

"Rob Viti was a rare species. One of a kind. But as much as Rob was a unique man, he was also an everyman. And that's what made him so special. He got along with everybody. He appreciated everything. Your background didn't matter. Your money didn't matter. Your education didn't matter. The only thing that mattered to Rob was your character. He was an inspiration in every way. Let's use what Rob taught us as we move forward."

- Rob Elson, 2011


"He was always kind, funny and very laid back. He also taught me a lot of practical music knowledge which I still use to this day. Stuff that I accredit to being corner stones in a lot of my own progress as a musician, my greatest form of self expression...In short, Rob was a really cool guy. He touched people all around him, in big and small ways."

 - Matt Coppage, 2019

Rob's Story:


Many of us tend to lose much of ourselves to the march of time and the more urgent demands of daily life. If it's important enough though, most of us still have time to stop, take stock of our lives, and make adjustments. Rob was still fighting to find himself, to develop his talents amid the very real pressures of our world, when time ran out. Rob was son, grandson, brother, nephew, and perhaps most importantly, artist, musician, and friend. Despite his battle with depression and anxiety, he maintained a deeply loving heart and a boundless capacity for helping others. 

Throughout it's evolution, the goal of Rob's Hope has been to create something that would honor both Rob's gifts and his struggles by helping others with similar needs. It's our job now to pay it forward.

Rob's Hope was founded on February 23, 2015, the fourth anniversary of his passing. Love never dies.

Read about Rob in his own words and view his work at


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